pondělí 21. října 2013


celkem ujizdim na vsem kde se sustne marvel

úterý 2. července 2013

c# debugging without virtual path

How to remove virtual path from root url of dev web server?

Add to your .sln project file to the ProjectSection

VWDVirtualPath = "/"

You get http://localhost:55666/Default.aspx
instead of http://localhost:55666/Test1/Default.aspx

It's handy especially if using 3rd party components like obout.com

pondělí 22. dubna 2013

Ringtone from youtube in 4 simple steps

1) youtube.com - copy cool song url for ring tone
2) youtube-mp3.org - paste link, save as mp3
3) cut-mp3.com - find the right begining, cut it online
4) Copy to your phone SD card, inside directory called something like ringtones